Sunday, 6 March 2016

Busy, but thankful

I've not managed to blog over the past couple of weeks. Instead, I have been in three different continents, am pushing some tight deadlines, and in between have tried to ensure there is stability in the home. My husband has also travelled, and we have been thankful for the working arrangements that make this kind of life possible.

Specific things which have made me thankful (and yes, I may jump around a bit - I blame a bit of fatigue!):

1) I met a good friend in a city in the USA where neither of us live. We used to live in the same country in southern Africa, but had not seen one another for eight years. Yet it was as though we had never been apart, and she brought me great encouragement and refreshment. I was very thankful that God enabled such an opportunity when travelling for work-related reasons, and it was great to start a scientific conference with some spiritual encouragement!

2) Sharing in the history my boys have been learning. They love the poem 'Paul Revere's ride'. I had the chance to run along the 'freedom trail' at sunrise and photograph some of the historic sites as they look today. I wouldn't have known anything about Boston if it hadn't been through homeschooling the boys, and they got an extra perspective through their mum being a medical academic. I like it when things work together like that!

3) I've mentioned before that our neighbours also homeschool - it has been great to see the children increasingly play together, and even share some educational activities. Dressing up and 'acting' is popular, as was pasta-making the other day! Living on a compound has some great advantages, and also some challenges at times. But right now, I find it refreshing and watching the children playing together is a highlight.

4) I'm simply overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord who has blessed us so abundantly. I think people in the west (or as some people might term it, 'the north', or 'well resourced countries') almost like to moan and have no idea how much they have to be thankful for. Maybe when you live in a country where many children cannot afford an education, or where you know families who eat once a day or less, or when you know children who do not own a single book - then it is just humbling and overwhelming to have freedom and choice, to have shelves full of books, and the time and resources to invest in educating our children.

Your life is probably equally busy at times. What makes you most thankful? When you stop and reflect, how has God blessed you, encouraged you and provided for you?

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